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Summerlane Counseling is a dynamic counseling center offering in-person and virtual mental health services, education, and expertise to children (6+), adolescents, and adults throughout Alabama and by telehealth throughout Florida.

Our skilled therapists are here to support you and provide effective coping skills to help you overcome and excel through life transitions, cultural and environmental challenges, and traumatic experiences. Using an array of interventions, techniques, and unique skillsets and therapeutic approaches, we guide and propel individuals facing difficulties with hope to step into new seasons of life with confidence. 

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“Too often we underestimate the power of a touch, a smile, a kind word, a listening ear, an honest compliment, or the smallest act of caring, all of which have the potential to turn a life around.” ― Leo Buscaglia

Are you struggling with anxiety or depression and unsure how to feel better?

Do you feel stuck and not where you thought you would be?

Are you missing the laughter with your partner and wondering how to reconnect?

Are you undergoing a big life change or adjustment?

Have you recently lost a loved one or a close friend?

Is your child struggling with expressing emotions?

Do you feel alone and that no one understands you?

Imagine a thriving and abundant life.


As a client, you will experience a path of growth, and a zealous drive to transform and overcome your current challenges.

People seek or come to therapy for a variety of reasons:

  • Working through personal issues
  • Managing and/or improving their mental health conditions (such as anxiety or depression)
  • Coping with stress and/or trauma
  • Improving relationships
  • Addressing personal growth and self-improvement
  • Coping with difficult life events or navigating life transitions
  • Enhancing their overall well-being

We can HELP!

How Summerlane Counseling Can Help

Learn about our services below.

Remember… you have the strength to overcome any challenge. Remember to focus on progress, not perfection.


Summerlane offers assessments such as state-approved substance abuse assessment.

The ASAM Criteria is the most widely used and comprehensive set of guidelines for placement, continued stay, and transfer of patients with addiction and co-occurring conditions.

It defines the standards for assessing patients with substance use disorder to determine the type and intensity of treatment needed.

At this time, this service is exclusively offered only via telehealth by phone or Zoom.

Mental Health Counseling

Therapy can help you or your child improve your emotional and psychological well-being. We provide support, guidance, and tools to manage grief, loss, divorce, addiction, and mental health issues such as ADHD, PTSD, anxiety, depression, and trauma. We also offer pre-marital and couples counseling, children’s therapy, substance abuse treatment, anger management, self esteem issues, life adjustments, and career counseling. The ultimate goal is to help individuals manage their symptoms, build resilience, and improve their quality of life.

Specialized Groups

Specialized groups in counseling and therapy refer to groups that focus on specific issues or populations. Examples include addiction, grief, mommy, and teen support groups. The composition and format of these groups can vary, but they typically involve a trained facilitator and a group of individuals who share a common experience or concern. The group setting provides a supportive environment where members can share their experiences, learn from others, and receive guidance and encouragement.

Trainings and Workshops

For Agencies, Educational Institutes, & Organizations​

Summerlane Counseling offers a wide array of community trainings and workshops tailored to meet the learning needs of staff and mental health professionals in agencies, clinics, private group practices, school, hospitals, and community-based organizations. Consulting services are available as well.

Our trainings and workshops are specifically designed to meet the learning needs of staff and can be provided as a one-time event or as a more intensive series of several full or half-day trainings. Our offerings address a variety of specialized clinical themes and issues.


Supervision is a process that involves a trained adult providing guidance and support to learners as they navigate their educational journey.

Supervision is important to ensure that learners receive personalized attention and feedback.

The benefits of supervision include learning how to set and achieve goals and build the necessary skills to become self-directed learners.

Additionally, supervision can provide accountability and ensure that learners are meeting the requirements of their chosen learning path.


Summerlane Counseling offers many events to support our community members and increase the availability of mental services for all.

Please visit our events page to learn more about upcoming events and to listen to recent Summerlane podcast appearances.

New events are continously added, so please check back for the latest offerings. Please also subscribe to our newsletter below to be notified of new Summerlane Counseling events.


Kind Words

Testimonials from wellness event co-sponsors and supporters of Summerlane Counseling.

You are the sweetest angel God could have ever placed in my spirit. It was therapeutic just working with you. Your team effort and humbleness is unmatched. You will heal the world, doll! Get ready!

Jennifer Griffin

Summerlane Counseling Co-Sponsor

It was a joy to hear so many people share inspiring stories about you. Your organization is a Godsend to the Black Belt Community. I hope and pray it continues to grow and thrive!!! If you need a counselor, please consider Summerlane Counseling!

And remember, you can worship God AND have a therapist!

Robin Stewart

Your selflessness made today happen So Successfully!!! I honor you today and Always!!! Thank you so much for everything! Keep in touch!!!

Delores Rawls

Friend to a Licensed Professional Counselor


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 We help solve problems by providing a safe and confidential space to discuss your concerns and challenges.


At Summerlane Counseling, we can offer guidance, support, and tools to help individuals develop coping strategies, improve communication skills, and make positive changes in their lives.

Additionally, we can provide referrals to other resources and services as needed. Through our educational, professional, and personal experiences, we have gained a wealth of knowledge and unique skills that allow us to provide services with ease and self-enjoyment.

We are devoted to quality care, services, and supports that drive the holistic health and well-being of both adults and youth within the Central Alabama region.

We offer in-person counseling and wellness events in both Selma and Montgomery in addition to telehealth counseling throughout Alabama.

Our team of licensed professionals are passionate about improving lives and ensuring everyone has access to resources and tools needed to live thriving lives with confidence.

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