Essential Support for Black Individuals in Honor of Juneteenth


Reflecting on Juneteenth, I took a moment to consider the importance of creating safe spaces for Black individuals to connect, share experiences, and support each other in our shared journey toward equality and justice. Through my work at Summerlane Counseling, I’ve been fortunate to witness firsthand the impact that community and providing safe environments can have on mental health and overall well-being.

Why Safe Spaces Matter

Safe spaces are places where we can feel secure, respected, and valued. For Black individuals, these spaces are especially important. They offer a refuge from the everyday pressures and systemic inequalities that many face. In these environments, we can freely express who we are, share our experiences, and talk openly about our challenges and victories.

From my perspective as a therapist and founder of Summerlane Counseling, I’ve seen how these spaces can truly be transformative, providing a foundation for healing and personal growth.

Hubs of Connection and Support

Community centers are amazing because they offer a physical place where we can gather, learn, and celebrate. These centers often become the heart of our community, providing everything from educational workshops and cultural events to mental health services and fun activities. They give us a place to build connections, find support, and just be ourselves. Many people find that community centers are like a second home, a stable place where they can always find a friendly face and a helping hand.

Virtual Safe Havens

In our digital age, online forums have become incredibly valuable. They allow us to connect with others, no matter where we are. To extend our support, Summerlane Counseling offers virtual safe havens on our social media platforms. Follow us on Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok to connect with our community, share your stories, and access valuable resources. We’re here to foster meaningful connections and engage in supportive conversations. We want to hear your personal stories, offer advice when you need it, and discuss important topics with you. Our vision is to create a space that is empowering, welcoming, and open to diverse perspectives and only your support can help us build this community.

Finding Your People

Social groups, whether they’re about a specific interest like a general support group or empowerment circle, are essential for building personal connections. These groups provide camaraderie and solidarity, helping us find people who share our interests and understand our struggles. They offer opportunities for personal growth and collective action, making them vital for our well-being. Being part of a social group can really enhance our sense of belonging and emotional health. At Summerlane Counseling, we support and promote these groups as part of our commitment to fostering community and connection. You can send us a message if you are on the lookout for groups for specialized mental health or societal issues, we can bring you to the right group, or build a group because of your request!

Continuing the Spirit of Juneteenth

Although Juneteenth has passed, the spirit of this important day continues. It inspires us at Summerlane Counseling to keep up our efforts in creating a safe and inclusive space for everyone. We are committed to fostering an environment where we can all thrive, acknowledging the ongoing struggles and successes of Black individuals, and offering unwavering support.

I’m constantly inspired by the resilience and strength within our community. Let’s commit to nurturing these safe spaces and supporting one another, ensuring a brighter and more inclusive future for everyone.

Take care, and let’s keep building those connections.

With love,

Memendra Harris, Founder and Owner of Summerlane Counseling

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