Specialized Groups

Summerlane Counseling offers support groups to assist you in your healing. Join us!

Specialized Groups

Summerlane Counseling will be offering multiple groups to assist you in your healing.

Why Group Counseling?

Group counseling is a small group of individuals who all face similar concerns or problems.

Groups are a wonderful way to give and receive support. Groups enhance social skills.

Currently all groups will be virtual. Groups will
meet once per week for a specific time frame. Fees will vary depending on nature of group.

Please see below for information on our current groups.

Group One

Harmony in Diversity: Parenting Children with Unique Abilities

Our empowerment circle to celebrate the beautiful spectrum of neurodiversity.

Who is this group for?

This support circle is designed for parents navigating the intricacies of raising children with unique abilities such as autism, and ADHD, our sessions offer a supportive space for sharing experiences, insights, and strategies.

Group details

This empowerment circle will be held on Saturdays in 2024.

Participation fee is $20.00 per session. Alternatively, take advantage of our upfront fee of $80.00 covering the whole 9 sessions (66% discount)!

How will this group help me?

Raising a child with unique abilities tests your strength, resilience, and heart. You may not have known if you were strong enough, but every day proves you are – and so am I. Together, we find strength we never knew we had.

A support group celebrating neurodiversity from Summerlane Counseling.

Ready to Sign Up and Get Support?

Pre-registration is now available! Please pre-register below and submit your payment.

Group Two

Gloom to Bloom

A virtual grief support group in 2024.

Who is this group for?

Gloom to Bloom is a virtual grief support group to help someone along the recovery process who has experienced death and loss of a loved ones and continue to struggle with the everyday tasks of moving on due to unresolved grief.

Group details

This group will meet the 1st and 3rd Thursday of the month starting February 1, 2024.

These 8 group sessions are designed to help individuals therapeutically express grief and celebrate the memories of lost loved ones.

How will this group help me?

Each session will target discussions related to grief, learning skills to help effectively cope, and building resilience with support from group peers.

Gloom to Bloom is a virtual grief support group from Summerlane Counseling.

Ready to Sign Up and Get Support?

Registration for the current group has ended.

Pre-registration for our Fall 2024 group will be available in August 2024. If you want to be added to the waiting list for this group, please email us or click the button below.